While at your holiday destination….

We all wish to have a relaxing moment with family and friends while on vacation. We wish to keep our cell phones and laptops as far away as possible, just to have a well-deserved break. Visa Security Group, however, would recommend the following while you are already at your holiday destination:

  • Keep some form of communication open between you and your security service provider and make him aware of how to get hold of you when it becomes necessary.
  • Request that you should not be contacted unless it is really important.
  • Pick up the phone when it suits you and find out from your security service provider if they can confirm to you that everything is still in order.
  • Have a reliable person in the vicinity to pass by your premises to see if indeed there is a security officer(s) as arranged.
  • If you are enabled to receive some form of security patrol reports, take a moment to peruse through them every morning.