The following tips might save you some money that can be used for something else:

  • Unsubscribe from your DSTV for the period that you are away;
  • Unsubscribe from your print media for the period that you are way;
  • Buy your travel tickets way in advance;
  • It’s always cheaper to buy your travel tickets online as opposed to buying over the counter;
  • If you have to leave your car parked at the airport, take time to ensure that you are not parking in a no parking zone, keep all valuables away, switch off the radio and lights, and make sure that all doors are locked.
  • Leave your airport parking ticket in the car as opposed to taking it with you all the way.
  • It might seem expensive to have all your luggage wrapped in plastics, but trust me, it makes it a bit more difficult for someone to tamper with a wrapped luggage.
  • It is sometimes cheaper (and safer) to use your bank card to draw local currency from local ATMs than carrying hard cash with you.

Other than that, we at Visa Security Group would like to wish you and your loved ones Peace, Joy, and Abundant Good Health throughout the holiday season and beyond.