This is what you need before going on holiday

Before embarking on your holiday, Visa Security Group recommends that you re-assess your security needs. This will not only ensure that you have peace of mind while on holiday, but will save you from the unwanted surprises when you return.

At both your business and residential premises, we recommend that:

  • You keep all your electronic appliances and equipment in a room where one cannot see them from the outside. This include items like reception TV, computers, or coffee makers.
  • Consider an extra guard or two for that period that your business/home is closed. Irrespective of all the electronic security you have in place, one might need a human intervention at a certain point. He/she would deter potential intruders and its very important to have someone who can personally assure you that you have nothing to worry about.
  • For any cars parked on the premises, personally ensure that each and every one of them is locked, no items of value are visible, that the petrol tank is almost empty, keys are not kept on the same premises….
  • You check with your insurance service provider to satisfy yourself that your policy is up to date.
  • Given the heavy rains currently, please ensure that all known leakages are fixed, that all gutters and other water outlets are cleaned.
  • Leave some lights on to make it easy for the security guard to see if there is anything strange especially inside.
  • If you have an alarm system / armed response, simulate an incident and see how long it would take them to respond.
  • Replace the batteries of any panic buttons and all other security equipment on the premises.
  • Depending on how far your holiday destination is, you might consider leaving some access keys to a trusted family/friend within the vicinity. Should your power trip or something of that sort, this person would be helpful.
  • Change perimeter locks where possible, just in case your spare key ended up with the wrong person during the course of the year.
  • Ensure that you have a Guard Monitoring System installed to force the security officer to walk around the premises. This would ensure his presence and visibility to deter potential intrusion.
  • Remember to consume or give away all the food that is likely to go bad in your absence.
  • Remember to leave your refrigerator switched on to avoid damage.
  • Check the saps website for more safety tips.
  • Most importantly, don’t fall for any security service provider simply because he’s giving you a cool deal. Stick to a tried and tested service provider that you have come to trust……